Crab Art-Attack – Watercolor on Paper


Crab Art-Attack, Watercolor on Paper 22″ x 30″ 300-lb Arches Watercolor Paper, float-mounted in a Deluxe Profile Bronze Rounded Nielsen gallery frame with double acid-free mats to ca. 29″ x 37″

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Crab Art-Attack, Watercolor on Paper 22″ x ” 30″ shows the rowdy colors and activity of the beautiful NC blue-shelled crabs. These colorful crabs are an artist’s delight to look at, weaving in and out of the rope diamonds that caught and contained them. One can forget their plight, thinking how bad those pincers would hurt if they got you, and imagining the wonderful white meat of the N.C. blue-shelled crabs hot and dipped in drawn butter. Yum. Crabbing is a little bit of work, sore shoulders, but a vacation for the eyes.

Even the architecture of these sea ‘beasts’ is quite amazing. The screw hinges for their claws are red. Their beaks are yellow-tones, their shells are sea-green with white spots, and the beautiful blue of a sunlit sea washes over them. I was amazed, in learning how to crab, how simply the $2.50 net captured and held the somewhat scary creature who otherwise knew how to defend himself.
With apologies to all my friends who do not eat living things, this hunting expedition ended in quite tasty fashion.

The puzzle of the concentric circles of rope made an interesting composition. All the whites must be paper which is left white, instead of painting the white onto the paper, which would certainly be easier to accomplish, although not a watercolor look at all.


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