Sunset Years – Watercolor

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Sunset Years, Transparent Watercolor on Paper image 22″ x 30″ matted acid-free off-white 3″ framed to ca. 29″ x 38″ in a Frosted Silver Blush Rounded Nielsen gallery frame.

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Sunset Years, Transparent Watercolor on Paper, image 22″ x 30″, is a painting of a subject that really sucked me in. On the way to a 4th of July celebration, I saw the abandoned truck out in a field to the left of the dirt drive we were on. Of course I made my husband turn around so I could record a picture of it. That’s what cameras are for, isn’t it?

I really loved the way the colors of the sunset hit the rust color and combined to make a new one. I loved the patterns the rust took on, and the cerulean blue of the sky playing over it. This shows the most utilitarian of all trucks hit by the waning sun and bursting into radiant colors which mingle with the rust in a way that said in the words of Browning, ‘Come along, grow old with me; the best of life is yet to be.” Well, not stranded, hopefully.


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