Savannah – Oil Portrait

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Savannah, 3′ x 4′ Oil on Canvas is unframed on gallery wrap linen painted using Old Master’s techniques and colors, grisaille and imprimatura

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Savannah: Oil on Canvas

This resulted as my venture into painting portraits to hang in the studio as samples of my work. This is one of my former art students and is an awesome renewal, an heirloom painting of her at 10 years old.
A studio walk-in wondered over the picture and poetically declared that, “she has the look of an age she has not quite reached.” Her hair is all blonde from days in the summer sun, pulled up into a fancy bun she did not usually wear. She sat for me countless times for this painting from life. I loved painting the dual tones of  her fairy-like costume. And yes, she is for sale.
I actually had a father come in who said it looked amazingly like his own daughter, Savannah!


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