Of the Essence – Watercolor

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Of the Essence, Watercolor on Paper, 22″ x 30″ image float-mounted onto a darker mat, photo-white acid-free mat to Rounded Pewter Nielsen gallery frame, 30-1/2″ x 39″

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Of the Essence, Watercolor on Paper 22″ x 30″ showcases the finer life of sensual pleasures, perfumes, portents, materials, the life of luxury.

I borrowed my friend Sandra’s perfume bottles to use in the painting; she likes glass facets and colors as much as I do, which is why she owns several of my paintings.

As everyone knows, however, a whiff of opium can take one to a darker side, even can lead into drugs and darkness. How close the trip from the high-life into the dark side can be no one knows. However, the painting reminded another friend of mine of a movie star’s rapid descent into the world of dark and drugged and eventually suicide.

However, the painting celebrates life in its many textures. From shiny crystal perfume jars to a brown medicinal opium jar, to cut class atomizers, semi-opaque materials like the art glass created by a ceramic artist. These are displayed against a background of metallic material. Rich yellows and blues fill the senses, satisfy the eye, and bring the viewer countless enjoyable hours of discovery in the viewing.


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