Little Man’s Red Tractor – Oil Portrait

Oil on Belgian linen canvas 3′ x 4′ and framed.



This little man was a wonderful subject for a portrait in his little overhauls and playing with his red tractor. I had multiple sittings with him and was supplied a bevy of photographs to work from to finish this portrait for the mother of an active little boy. However, I had to redesign parts of the yard and foreground to enhance the appeal and make the setting attractive and complete.

We decided he should be wearing a plaid shirt near the end, and I used one of his that they brought me to change out his painted shirt. Plaid is tedious–good thing I think that tedious is fun.

The owner displays the work proudly over her mantel and was helped in the process by a friend who was also an interior decorator. The oil on linen canvas was beautifully framed to extend the 3 x 4 feet to an even grander scale.

Private Collection


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