Limey – Watercolor

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Limey, Transparent Watercolor on Paper, 14.5″ x 21.5″image matted in 3″ off-white mat, framed to 23″ x 30″ silver gallery frame under glass.

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Limey, transparent watercolor on paper of Clear Crystal, Lime and Red Glass is another distorted shape and color painting through the medium of glass. It is representational, but quite a bit abstract and a little surreal. The shadows and shapes are so animated, and nothing is ever what you expect.

Glass is all about illusion, illusion in part from glass throwing its own shadows, and throwing the light. I like the black background intensifying the colors and causing the project of the white glass to be carved out in the negative. They become a real tour de force, and perhaps a little humanized in this glass kingdom.

Rich blue cloth plays up the nature of clear and colored glass to grab colors nearby and drag them into their own warp and light, giving them an entirely new identity. All the bends and curves intersect playfully; cloth and glass are favorite subjects of this artist who imagines an Alice in Wonder Glass, wandering around in the distorted, refracted light on a table top, looking for her next adventure.

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