Ginger Ale Can – Gel Pens


Refreshing Ginger (Seagram’s Ginger Ale Can) Metallic Gel Pens on Black Photographic Paper 9″ x 9″) framed to ca. 19″ x 19 1/2″, 3″ copper mat, 2″ black frame w/copper dusting. Clear glass, which blocks out harmful UV rays. Acid-free components. Original and copyrighted.

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Refreshing Ginger (Seagram’s Ginger Ale Can) is a toast to the modern movements of art, pop and op and all those good artists who diverted history to make their modern statement. Of course, I love the interplay of silver and the nice green on the black, and the fact that it really pops and sizzles like the ginger ale does in the mouth.
It took time developing a whole different skill set, something a little kin to the reverses you have to imagine when you are doing printmaking, but I enjoyed the process. This is my final picture in the gel pen series, a transition piece, so anything I do with gel pens will be a whole new look and style. It’s a great conversation starter.


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