Crimson Dusk


20″ x 16″ Oil on Canvas, framed in faux black and silver gilt, acid-free components, to ca. 25″ x 21″

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An exciting attempt of  mine to turn an NC moment behind our house on the Cape Fear into an Old Masters painting. The hills behind our house are steep and mountainous. The beauty of the river and the riverbank deepening in the dusk stood out in dramatic contrast to the billowing clouds reddened by the setting sun.
The reds glaze the dark river in a peaceful counterpoint to the dramatic light effects occurring in the waning day. The darkness of the bank was not at all depressing, but deep, mysterious. As a poet friend of mine said about  some of my ideas, this is ‘inchoate,’ about to be, and not quite yet. It is excitement  hovering in the air. It is spirit moving on the face of the deep.





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