Coming of Age II, Mini – Watercolor

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Coming of Age II, Mini, Transparent Watercolor on Paper Image, 12″ x 15″ matted and float-mounted in off white, acid-free, dark aqua liner, 3-1/2″ Deluxe Frame, to match large painting, glass, to 24″ x 26″.

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“Coming of Age II, Mini,” is either the companion piece to the full sheet “Coming of Age” or a standalone. To me the Eye on Ground debris is beautiful. I love the arrowheads and bird feathers we children found in woods and fields. I still treasure little collections like this. Now it is a repeated discovery search on my feed-my-inner-artist date days with myself.

These small items are hoarded as evidence of our connection to past generations and other people groups. It is like digging an archaeological mound.

Unframed Painting:


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