Sweet Bloom of Childhood – Oil Portrait



Sweet Bloom of Childhood is my most recent finished oil portrait on a Belgian linen canvas in medium-sized format for a client, a young family from out of state. This is a family who obviously enjoys each other. The brother and sister look like they adore each other and their parents. I love that they are all decked out in Independence Day Red, White, and Blue–why, you’d think the father was serving in the armed forces, or something. I love the way their bodies are arched, and they are holding out wildflowers as gifts to one or both of their parents, or who knows? Maybe even to a grandparent.

In this picture, I had to age the children (and grow their clothes on them), and meld two pictures together to get them situated on a a nice stretch of landscape along a road, a tree with two branches behind them, symbolic of their futures. It is always a stretch painting over a distance from photographs, but their beautiful personalities come out, with all the iconic trappings of an idyllic childhood.

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