Surfer Baby – Oil Portrait



Surfer Baby, painted on a Belgian linen canvas, was certainly one of the most unusual and fun assignments as a portrait artist I have ever had. Credit that to the parents and extended family of the baby, who love all things salt water, beach, and surfing, the grandfather having done quite a bit of that in his days in California.

So this precious little baby was taken to the ocean at 4a.m. or thereabouts to have pictures made of her on her little surfboard with the sun rising on her day and her life. Even today, she looks at the painting of herself on the wall and says, “Surfer Baby.” Not many babies can boast that they have an original painting of themselves in oil on a surfboard in the Atlantic Ocean! How special is that?

I loved that I had an antique frame to just match the silvery colors that mixed into the vibrant pastels of the sunrise and her precious little striped bathing suit.

Private Collection

Painting Unframed:surfer-baby-unframed


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