Sleeping Beauty Sarah – Oil

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Sleeping Beauty Sarah, 3′ x 4′ Oil on Canvas

Framed in 3″ Gilded Gold with deep orange red tones of Renaissance gold to 3″ 6″ x 4’6?

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Sleeping Beauty Sarah, Oil on Linen Canvas

Sleeping Beauty Sarah is an oil painting on linen weave of one of my former art students, Sarah.

She is right at the change of seasons of a young girl’s becoming a young woman. Sarah’s hair is actually quite dark, but that summer, she had stayed outside until the sun bleached her head with gorgeous blonde highlights. Being the artist I am, I pushed the highlights further and made the hair decidedly more blonde than it is. Sarah kept her hair long, and this was finished on the eve of her donating her hair to cancer victims. It made me think of the short story, The Gift of the Magi.

It is definitely a prime moment in her and my history. It is painted Old Masters’ Style over a grisaille and an imprimatura. Such luscious colors. I borrowed the throw for the setup from a local decorator. The screen is part of my studio. All contribute to a rich, classical look.

Unfinished Painting:


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