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Self-Portrait with Falcon painted in oil on Belgian linen is taken from a life experience of some years back and a trip to Scotland where I got to do a part of a day’s falconing, like I’d always wanted. The photograph of me was taken in front of Dalhousie Castle in Bonnyrigg, near Edinburgh, with a beaut of a bird. We really got our money’s worth on this adventure. Only two couples shared the experience, and I flew owls, falcons, and other species of birds of prey, holding out my hand for them to get their raw meat treat upon their return.

Back at home in my studio, I noticed that my high school picture that cropped up mysteriously was taken in the same position, so I turned back the years, and kept some of the truth of them using the mirrors, as well, in just the way recommended by such as the Old Masters painters and the Portrait Society of American to which I belong. They are always spurring you on to do self-portraits. Hey, if you want to come sit for me for hours on end and give me a relief from myself, I’ll be only too happy to oblige.

I used this assignment to make the elements seem suitable for the cover of a novel, as I had written 3 by now, and was beginning to think I might paint my own.

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