Sarah’s Hair – Oil Portrait


Oil on Linen Canvas 30″ x 30″ framed in 3″ dark wood with Gold Gilding accents, acid-free components, to ca. 36″ x 36″

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A former art student, Sarah, was such an awesome model, I took multiple poses of her modeling in order to paint them later. This one I began from one of those photographs.

However, when I was almost finished, Sarah came back home from college and sat for me again several times so I could get a better likeness and correct the painting with a sitting model which is always the recommended scenario: “paint from life.”

Sarah is very much her own person. A serious girl, she is a power to reckon with. I always enjoyed talking with her, and I really loved her big hair. For some reason it reminded me of the Albrecht Duerer portrait done by the master, and of course I did paint it using the Old Masters’ techniques I was taught in Germany. Sarah had her hair cut off after these pictures to give for cancer victims.

The painting is for sale.


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