Sacred Ruins – Transparent Watercolor


Sacred Ruins, Transparent Watercolor on Paper, framed in a Deluxe Profile Bronze Rounded Nielsen gallery frame, float-mounted with off-white double acid-free mats to ca. 37″ x 29″ under Plexiglas

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This painting is a ruin in Scotland where we visited the first time some years ago. Scotland is a wonderful place to visit, and is the home of my ancestors. Ages and eons ago people civilized the area, is the message these rough-hewn rocks give off–stones that bow out around the leaded glass, added in a dressier time. All of this is to be seen at the abbey on the Isle of Iona, one of the major holy sites of the world, a mecca to Scots abroad, for sure.

I love the shadows and light plays in the windows. I love even the broken glass and the shapes that the breaks make–how the still intact glass mirrors the beautiful cloudy day, how the broken areas speak of the darkness and pain from hundreds of years past that still hides inside.

Rock and lead and glass–all of it frames the trip of a lifetime to Scotland and the Isle of Iona.


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