Needlepoint Rose – Gel Pen


Needlepoint Rose is a gel pen drawing of a primrose on black photographic paper 9″ x 9″ and framed to ca. 19″ x 19 1/2″ in a 3″ copper mat, 2″ black frame with copper dusting; Clear glass, which blocks out harmful UV rays, acid-free components. Original and copyrighted.

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Needlepoint Rose (Primrose on Black Photographic Paper 9″ x 9″), a drawing done in layers of metallic gel pens to approximate the look of a painting, was so much fun. If you look at it under the light, it looks as though it were actually needle-pointed. This was my introduction to the series, and a process which I discovered by teaching my private art students, busying myself so I wouldn’t bother them too much while I worked on this beside them.

The metallic gel pen colors on dark background really do unusual things in the light, whether it is the painting moving or you walking by it. See how it catches the light differently with each new turn, almost as if a needle had sewn it. It looks different all during the day, and at night.


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