Mom’s Magnolias – Watercolor

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Short Description: Mom’s Magnolias, 30″ x 22″ image 3 1/2″ off-white, acid-free mat framed to ca. 37″ x 29″ Rounded, Frosted Silver Blush Nielsen Gallery Frame

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Mom’s Magnolias, 30″ x 22″ watercolor painting is a portrait of three magnolias showing different aspects of the life cycle. One is turned away, one greets you full face, the other drips slightly to the side a little tired, perhaps, posing in front of a deep red drape with dark green leaves like an Old Master’s painting.

However, the front tablecloth bursts into color and races into life, casting its light up into the glass vase and the water which nurtures the cut magnolias. Shadows become living beings, as well, playing over the deep furrows in the material. The words, ‘running,’ ‘son,’ ‘daughter,’ ‘rest’ are hidden and nested in the weave. They are part of the realistic material threads, as well as the metaphorical threads.

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