Light-Laced – Watercolor

Light-Laced, 30″ x 22″ Transparent Watercolor on Paper

Framed in a Deluxe Profile Bronze Rounded Nielsen gallery frame, float-mounted with double acid-free mats

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Light-Laced, Transparent Watercolor on Paper/SOLD

This portrait of a magnolia, a huge blossom in full bloom outdoors. The up view of it caught the small leaves and branches like stained glass. I love the lightness and airiness of what could be the heavy elements of the dark wood and the dark green leaves.
Daylight just keeps peeking through in the laciest of patterns.
Magnolias are long known as a painting for Southern ladies to have over their fireplaces. The petals of a magnolia are so velvety rich, and the whites are jeweled in lavenders and yellow tones by the fractured sunlight, making it not just realistic, but a delight to view. We find some new blossoms every season. I can almost smell it.


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