Leaf A-float – Oil


On 12″ x 16″ Canvas framed in Ornate 5″ Silver Gilt Frame, acid-free  components, to ca. 22″ x 24″

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This still life is a work I began as an artist-in-residence at Mt. St Francis in Indiana. I had begun a fascinating study of old magnolia leaves prior to my stay. Throughout the fall just preceding my trip there, I collected as many examplars as I could. It is one of my Eye on Ground series.
All of them aged differently–some turned luscious coppery tones, some gold gilt; the one above, had the most beautiful near-white underside which curled around the rich burnt sienna colors and accented them, showing the veins that had transported the juices of life to it when it hung on the tree.
By the use of shadowing, I have accomplished the effect of making the leaf actually seem to float, which added to this sense I had of their resurrection in their new bodies.




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