Kenna at Castle – Oil


On Canvas Framed in Wood with Gold Gilt-Edge Finish, 5″, Image 36″ x 30″ framed to 45-1/2″ x 39″

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Braving a new area, the area of story, this painting was conceived as the cover to the author’s latest book, Stone of Her Destiny, and was done using a wonderful model, friend of my adult art student, on a trip to Chapel Hill’s amphitheater on a hot day. The model’s dress kept falling open in a way that caused an intimate view without artifice or intended seduction. Her curls kept falling and flying as well, as she absorbed the moment of fear upon some discovery in old letters, and some noise from outside which interrupted her reverie. Redheads are a rarity, but not so much in Scotland, the setting of this painting. The castle was imported from a local castle on my trip there.





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