Irresistible Force – Oil


On 24″ x 24″ Canvas in 5″ frame within a frame, of precious metals, adds sparkle in low, acid-free components, to 29″ x 29″

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This is a fanciful rendering of a surfer’s delight of funnels and tunnels. This one has the foarm dripping down like mother’s milk, if you like the allusion to sea mother.
The wave forms a deep crevice, a force which in my allegory sucks the baby shells back into her. Or conversely, sends them out on their own. This is one of a series I have done of microcosm and macrocosm, comparing and contrasting the magnificence of the mighty sea with the preciousness of its tiny shells, which seem to last forever in their worn or slightly altered states.
To me, the composition is active and awesome in its force. It is quite magical, and for us landlubbers, still safe. This painting is part of the series, Sea-Escapes.





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