Harvest – Oil


Framed on Board in 2″ Ornate Gold Gilt, acid -free components, to ca. 21″ x 19″

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As a collector of pottery, this piece by Klumpke, a  favorite Seagrove potter of mine turned a beautiful, light grey piece of pottery that looks like a bottle. Its texture is amazing; its simplicity stunning.
The piece stands regally over a kumquat on the left, an odd fruit my father-in-law used to raise in his greenhouse. It is a fruit with so many seeds it is tricky to eat, but delicious. A red onion faces it off on the right, with one of its luscious layers already torn off, and offering up the light that hits the pottery. It is a light soup, with all the differing colors of red shown up on a red tablecloth of a different tone.
The reds and blue-greys are set off by the earthgreen of the background in an Old Masters’ darkened dream of life.


Harvest - Oil


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