Family Gathering – Watercolor

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Family Gathering, watercolor on paper, is a 22″ x 30″ image float-mounted photo-white onto photo-white acid-free mat and into a 29″ x 37″ Rounded Frosted Silver Blush Nielsen gallery frame.

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Family Gathering, a Transparent Watercolor on Paper 22″ x 30″ is a painting which ties different materials together in the center knot. Parts of the unique textures and colors overlap and show. They are knotted together like families converge to a center.

This was an experiment with painting material textures and differences with watercolor to show transparency and opacity. This is a very apt illustration of the yoking of most varied of families together. We are united in our differences, if we choose to see ourselves that way. It certainly requires more flexibility than a lot of us want to expend.

The painting was the cover on my self-published poetry chapbook. There may be one exemplar left to go home with the painting’s collector.


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