Dear Heart – Watercolor

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Dear Heart, Transparent Watercolor on Paper 22″ x 30″ matted in 3-1/2″ off-white, acid-free to ca. 30″ x 38″ in a Frosted Silver Blush Rounded Nielsen gallery frame

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“Dear Heart,” Transparent Watercolor on Paper 22″ x 30″ is one of my Portrait Collage series. The object assemblage is made up of old letters of Significance. Added to the pile is an old glasses case, the one that held my father’s bi-focal lenses. The spectacles are splayed. They seemed to have taken on a human aspect and are looking through the letters on their own. There is a piece of my aunt’s lace that she and her daughter saved out to give me when they moved her to Idaho.

The letters themselves are actual exemplars of my mother’s love letters to my dad. In a drop-in visit to my Aunt’s caretakers house (which, at first I did not recognize), I was offered the contents of Aunt Sally’s wardrobe.

I said yes, and was amazed to find my mom’s love letters which I never knew even existed.. Shadows play across the old letters with a full range of color. It is a painting I love, the results of a random visit to Toast, NC.


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