Dancer at Rest

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Dancer at Rest, 12″ x 16″ Oil on Canvas in Ornate 5-inch silver gilt frame; frame size  22″ x 26″

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Dancer at Rest Oil Painting on Canvas.

This was a fun event, trying to capture the movement of a dancer, even when she was at rest. I kept the paint strokes sketchy, toned the canvas, and left some canvas showing, sketching in the tutu airy and light–it is almost not even painted except with air and light, as it is meant to look.
The model zoned out more when she modeled than she did, at rest, so I preferred her expression at this moment of time. Modeling, she had emptied her expression, but at this point, we weren’t supposed to be looking, and she took on a dreamy quality. Once on her own on the chair, she entered another world and looked far off to another town, another country, another day, perhaps, dreamily conjuring some great vision or musing on someone she loved that we could not see. I sense an air of expectancy.
I love the way the light hits her front on revealing her form, brightening her face and her personality in the brief respite she had. She is just about to return to her rapid moves on the dance floor.


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