Coming of Age – Watercolor

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Coming of Age, Transparent Watercolor on Paper, 22″ x 30″ image float-mounted in 3″ acid-free off-white mat with aqua liner and backing and 3-1/2″ beautiful frame with gold gilding to 37 1/2? x 44″, glass.

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Coming of Age, Transparent Watercolor on Paper, 22″ x 30″ is a painting in my Eye on the Ground Series.

The ground hides fallen treasures, especially in the fall. An autumn foray behind our house to the famous Cape Fear River (NC) reveals fallen magnolia and maple leaves–vibrant, bronzed, and gilded by weathering, lying beside arrowheads and bird feathers we children would find in woods and fields, then hoard as evidence of our connections to past generations and other people groups.

This particular view is one combined with magnolia leaves, a few maple leaves, the Indian arrowheads which we have found in great abundance in our fields. Arrowheads pop up on cultivated mounds just after a rain.

A feast for the eyes, the objects are peaceful at a glance, or make a story of past generations of Indian inhabitants and trading grounds, if you want to linger each time you pass the painting by.




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