Colby in the Morning – Oil Portrait


Colby in the Morning, Oil Portrait on Linen Canvas 20″ x 20″ framed in 6″ Gold Gilt Antique Frame, acid-free components, to 32″ x 32″

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Colby in the Morning, Oil Portrait on Linen Canvas, 20″ x 20″ is a painting of my granddaughter.

While I hate even the thought of selling it, it is such a beautiful slice of life moment of her with her blonde locks lit by morning sun, looking into the bedpost where the outdoor scenery is pictured in the rounded light. Her face is partially in shadow, and I loved that effect. Artists always need to fund their future work, so she has agreed I may sell this exemplar because I can paint her another type of picture on another day.

I would send a picture of the painting in its antique frame, a real steal of a deal, if you are interested. However, I will cry when she goes.

Colby Unframed:oil-portrait-colby-in-the-morning-image-only-websize


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