Castaway Shell – Oil


42″ x 54″

Castaway is painted on 3′ x 4′ Canvas horizontal Oil on Canvas comes in a 3+” frame gold gilded with rich red-tones, acid-free components, back braced.

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The shell and ocean scene was inspired by my discovery of the beauty of surfing waves, rolling in froth and foam up to the edge where water meets sand. Colored in the rays of the bright sunlight, the whole phenomenon demonstrates the sea’s baby, the shell in its fight to stay a-float, nested inside the layered waves.
The waves cascade into shore in concentric patterns from mother sea and resemble the nesting power of the preceding generation. Eventually, however, the adult shell, the microcosm, is abandoned by Sea Mama—and cast off to lie alone on the shore. The shell still enjoys, however, the occasional re-visit of the lapping waters.
This painting is part of the series, Sea-Escapes.



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