Bubbly – Watercolor

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Bubbly, Watercolor on Paper, Image 17″ x 22″ Matted 3+” and Framed to 25″ x 30″ Under Glass in Rounded Frosted Silver Blush Nielsen gallery frame

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Bubbly’s subject is clear crystal, bubbles, and red glass, a painting which shows my fascination with glass, the colors it picks up, and the shape distortions it makes. This particular one picked up a riot of light and color. The reflected wine and water glasses are doing a swirling dervish in the mirrored surface of their peers.

Light and dark make a wonderful pattern following the departing light. The objects are set on a blue drape on gold table against a black background. While it is representational, the show of color is both whimsical and abstract, the mood and personality playful.
This painting would catch just about any colors in anyone’s home to intensify the visual experience like a puzzle might.


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