Broken Open – Watercolor Painting

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Broken Open, watercolor on paper, image 19″ x 23″ into 30″ x 38″, float-mounted in white on white and framed in a Frosted Silver Blush Nielsen frame.

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Broken Open on paper and fully framed

combines broken crystal wine glasses together with other broken vessels. That, combined with the fruit exemplifies a harvest and a feast through the crystal facets, even though the wine glass, broken, symbolizes the broken human spirit. It is sacramental and reminiscent of the Lord’s Supper, ‘this is my body, broken for you’ as a necessity in  this life. This brokenness brings a humility, a grace, and is one that carries with it its own beauty. Although it is a painful experience, it is the gateway to bearing a lot of fruit.

The painting is done in harvest golds and rich blue-greys. The wine glass, broken open, sacramentally spills the healing blood in all the colors of light and the rainbow.




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