A Writer’s Tincture Bottles

$450.00 $300.00

A Writer’s Tincture Bottles, Metallic Gel Pens on Black Photographic Paper 9″ x 9″ and framed to ca. 19 x 19-1/2″ in a 3″ copper mat, 2″ black frame with copper dusting; Clear glass, which blocks out harmful UV rays; acid-free components. Original and copyrighted.



A Writer’s Tincture Bottles, this drawing was done of an antique ink bottle that I bought as an avid collector. I love harking back to the romance of yesteryear, when writing was done from the soul with ink dipped from open wells of brown tincture bottles like this one.

It makes me think of my poetry teacher scolding me for composing at the computer. She fully believed that poems lost their human quotient this way. The idea is that a pen is more connected to the hand, and then the beautiful poetry and fine sensibilities can flow out. My mentor hated technology and required us to go back to handwriting our first drafts.


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